Get Your Dose Of Nature Therapy With This Brand That Makes Zen Ponds

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What Makes It Awesome

Do you want to take up a pet project of doing up your own garden? Whether you live in a flat or an independent house, Earthsie’s decor will add an earthy vibe to your space. The founder, Akersh David, quit his corporate life to take up sustainability as a lifestyle and came up with the concept of Earthsie. It is an outdoor decor and patio decoration brand that mainly works with bamboo and sustainable materials. 

Add handcrafted bamboo fountains to your space as it will look great amidst your plants and will even be a natural way to water them. With ferns, creepers and Fittonias, have your own personalised miniature rain forest in a glass bowl at your work desk. Terrariums in glass bottles with succulents and sand make for minimal care-taking with a lot of greenery at home. If you want a water body, they will create a zen pond with the bamboo fountain and plants that work great for nature therapy. Akersh will even offer to come home and study your space to create decor according to your needs and budget. Starting at INR 1,000, we think it’s worth your money! Just hit them up on Instagram and place your orders.


They also sell bamboo lamps that they source (Sustainably). Once all the restrictions are lifted, there is ease of movement and business, they'll take custom orders for them too.