Barbecue or Picnic, Try These 10 Easy Recipes Ideal For The Best Cocktails

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Temperatures are dropping, Christmas lights are being untangled as we speak, and the party invitation bundle is piling up! But if you're the one sending out the invitations this year, then make sure to give your guests a gala time with the best food and booze. Bring the bar home and make the best drinks, some from scratch, and some with a little help of indie brands trying to give us better quality ingredients and mixers. Ankur Bhatia, founder of Jimmy's Cocktails even gave us his insights on what he sees as being popular. So, if you want to start living your mixologist life this festive season, then here are cocktail recipes you can begin with. 

Butterfly Pea Flower Cocktail

Butterfly Blue Pea Flowers

Butterfly Blue Pea Flowers


For days that you want to see and create your own magic, a cocktail that literally changes colour in front of you should do the trick. This one has more visual appeal than taste, but if you're looking to stay off sugar, this should do just fine. 

Ingredients: White Rum, Butterfly Pea Flower Tea, ice, a few drops of lemon.

Method: Boil around 150ml of water and add the 2 tea spoons of the loose tea mix for a decoction. Allow it to cool. Pour the white rum over ice in a glass, add the cooled decoction. Add the lime at the end to watch the magic. 


&Stirred Cocktail Mix - Mojito Cocktail Mixer for Vodka, Pack of 3

&Stirred Cocktail Mix - Mojito Cocktail Mixer for Vodka, Pack of 3


It's never a bad time for a Mojito. Basically what adults sometimes drink instead of a regular lime soda, it's ideal for mid-day chilling scenes, you can make this easy cocktail recipe as sweet, strong, or tangy as you want. 

Ingredients: 45ml White Rum, 6 mint leaves, soda, half a lime, 2 teaspoons of sugar.

Method: Muddle the leaves with sugar and the lime juice, add the rum and top with soda. Or put it all in the blender for 30 seconds and pour over ice.

Pina Colada

Pina Colada-Combo Pack Of 6

Pina Colada-Combo Pack Of 6


Channel the true tropical summer vibe and while you're at it, feel free to pretend you’re actually relaxing by white sand beaches and azure waters and sipping this out of a pineapple, or coconut, instead of freezing! If neither are available and you just have a glass, you can still get the mix from this brand and make it at home! 

Ingredients: 30ml white rum, 30ml Malibu (optional), 120ml & Stirred Cocktail Mix - Pina Colada 

Method: Mix it all with crushed ice, pour into pineapple, coconut, or glass, find somewhere to lounge, enjoy!

Gin & Tonic

Svami Gin Appreciation Kit

Svami Gin Appreciation Kit


A party without a G&T option is a sin. It's a classic, liked by many, and super easy to make! Check out this brand here for your next glass.

Ingredients: Gin, Tonic, ice. 

Method: Add one part gin and three parts tonic over ice. If you’re feeling fancy, add an orange slice or sliced cucumber for an added flair. 

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Espresso Martini

Cold Brew Blend- Honey Sun Dried Coffee- 250gm

Cold Brew Blend- Honey Sun Dried Coffee- 250gm


Can’t pick between coffee and alcohol? Then this one is perfect for you! Get your caffeine kick while enjoying a drink with your near and dear.

Ingredients: 60ml of your fav cold brew coffee, 15ml sugar syrup, 60ml vodka (can use Smirnoff Espresso Vodka, or the Greater Than No Sleep Gin, if you really like coffee), 30ml Kahlua or Bailey’s Irish Cream

Method: Add all ingredients in a shaker (or add into a blender for a minute) and shake vigorously, garnish with coffee beans or instant coffee powder such as this brand's. Best enjoyed chilled. 

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Red Wine Sangria

Instant Sangria Recipe

Instant Sangria Recipe

Serving around five people at least, this one’s for stay-at-home family lunches, or brunches. You can swap out the red wine with white wine or Rose syrup depending on what is available at your closest liquor store. Fruit can be ordered online, so you’re set. 

Ingredients: A bottle of wine, 220ml brandy, ½ apple, ½ orange, 220ml orange juice, 3-4 tablespoons of brown sugar or jaggery. 

Method: Cut up the fruit, and add to a bowl or vessel to hold it, and add the sugar. Muddle with a wooden spoon for a minute. Add the orange juice and brandy and repeat the process for half a minute. Add the wine and mix. Adjust to suit your taste. You can also add edible flowers and other fruit per your preference. 

Boozy Peach Iced Tea

Organic Classic Peach Ice Tea- Pack of 12/24

Organic Classic Peach Ice Tea- Pack of 12/24


We could tell you how to make LIIT, but everyone knows how to make that. For balmy evenings to enjoy the sunset, or even for weekend brunches, try making a peach ice tea cocktail. 

Ingredients: 250ml Peach Ice Tea, 30ml vodka, 30ml simple syrup with 6-7 mint leaves, ice.

Method: Make the tea per your preference and cool. Once cooled, add everything into a cocktail shaker (or protein shake mixer, no judgement) and shake. Pour it out, garnish with mint leaves. Feel free to add more tea or vodka. Use lemon tea for the classic version. 

Pink Vodka Lemonade

Urban Platter Raspberry Powder

Urban Platter Raspberry Powder


For that really spicy gossip sesh with your squad, this one is a winner. Perfect for vodka lovers, this one will take any party to the next level.

Ingredients: 30ml Vodka, 13ml lime juice, 1 sachet of raspberry fruit juice powder, 200ml Sprite

Method: In glass with 2-3 ice cubes, combine all the ingredients, adding the sprite last. Garnish with a lime wedge and enjoy.

Chamomile Honey And Whiskey Cocktail

Chamomile Tea - 20g

Chamomile Tea - 20g


For long days, and longer evenings, this brand's chamomile tea is ideal. Now throw in some grown-up problems, and suddenly, the drink needs to be stronger, and hopefully, whiskey helps. Ingredients: 2 spoons of Chamomile Tea, 300ml of water, 30ml of whiskey or bourbon, 1.5 teaspoons honey, half an orange slice, one slice of lime.

Method: Boil water and make chamomile tea. Muddle orange and lime. Add the tea over the orange and lime mixture, add honey. Once cooled, add that, honey and some ice in a shaker and shake. Strain it out and pour it into the glass. Enjoy!

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Bourbon Vanilla Shake

Vanilla Cinnamon Oat Milk - Pack of 4 (200ml each)

Vanilla Cinnamon Oat Milk - Pack of 4 (200ml each)


Nothing like a boozy milkshake to really lift your spirits. While there are no real rules and you can actually use any flavour of ice cream or milk and essence, vanilla goes really well with whiskey. As does Cinnamon. We actually decided to make this one dairy-free.

Ingredients: 90ml of Bevry vanilla milk (or 90 grams of vanilla ice cream), 1 teaspoon vanilla essence or extract, 45ml Bourbon or whiskey

Method: Cool the oat milk, add the bourbon and vanilla and mix, or blend in a blender. If you're using ice cream, wait till it melts before you do this. You can also add it to popsicle moulds, and freeze into ice cream for an indulgent dessert. 

Pro Tip

For the rest of you looking to try new mixers for cocktails, mocktails, and other infusions, go read our top pick of cocktail mixers here. And if you're looking for snacks to go well with your drinks, we've got you covered with our version of a snack pantry here.

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