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Perfectly Proportioned, Pre-Cut, And Prepped For Cooking Ingredients In These Meal Kits

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    Eten is a globally inspired, weekly changing, meal-kit service with options for an experimental palette

    What Makes It Awesome

    Love cooking, but don’t know how ? Or is your talent in measuring ingredients for that balanced flavour rather lacking? Well, Eten is a food service that does all that work so you don’t have to. And with their recipes, you won’t burn down the kitchen trying either! 

    Unlike other food delivery services, they deliver ingredients (from the veggies, to the spices and condiments) all in the right sizes and amount. Ready to be cooked with recipe included, they believe everyone can cook...with a bit of help. So say goodbye to messy garlic peeling and crying caused by cutting onions. With a new menu every week, their meal kits feature recipes from all across the globe. From Rajma Chawal to Aglio Olio for main course to a range of globally inspired salads for lighter meals, they have vegetarian and non-vegetarian options for any craving. 

    You get the satisfaction of cooking, without worrying about wasting, and that achieving that tricky balance between getting both nutrition and good taste with their meal kits. And if you love it enough to want to do it every day, they even have subscription boxes with a larger menu, that will be sent via Whatsapp once you purchase it.

    What Could Be Better

    There’s a lot of packaging involved for all the individual ingredients, so be prepared to have a ton of disposable containers if you’ve opted for the subscription.  

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