This E-Store Is All About Upcycled Home Decor & Sustainable Living

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What Makes It Awesome

Ecosansar is a brand that focuses on zero waste and makes bags, baskets, boxes and home decor products that are, as the name suggests, eco-friendly. Handcrafted soaps made with natural ingredients and handwoven baskets that work as hamper baskets are available here. They sell grains, groceries and cold-pressed oils at their physical outlet in Sena Vihar, Kamanahalli but you have to carry your own containers and bags to pick them up. Natural cleaners for detergents and toilet cleaners that are as effective as chemical cleaners but not as damaging can be found on shelves as well. Bamboo table runners, pen stands, toothbrushes and upcycled stationery, coconut shell bowls which are functional and stylish are affordable buys here.

Pro Tip

Covid-19 Update: Ecosansar has closed their store walk-in presently and have launched a zero waste ecommerce website that functions on reverse logistics. They use sourced containers from customers who no longer have any use for them (glass bottles, dabbas etc) to deliver orders/groceries. And once the customer has finished using the product, the containers will be taken back, washed, sterilised and reused for another order. This is a simple and effective process to reduce packaging waste. For now, this how things function at Ecosansar but they await opening doors soon, once things settle.

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