Grilled Fish Or Goat Brains In Your Omelette? Egg Factor - The Streethouse Keeps It Edgy

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The Egg Factor omelette cart in HSR Layout is no ordinary cart. Instead of dishing out the regular masala or cheese versions, they whip up omelettes with exotic stuffing — from offal to crabs.

Chow Down

Spicy Mutton Brain Omelette, Grilled Spicy Fish Over Omelette

Sip On

There is really nothing to sip on here. Our advice: carry a bottle of water, because the food can get spicy.

Winning For

The gourmet omelettes of course, the novelty associated with the food and good value for money.

Lowdown On The Ambience

Located along the street food stretch on HSR’s 17th Main Road {right opposite the Stayzilla office}, Egg Factor really has no competition in the sea of 99 Varieties dosa carts that line this street along with Chinese and Indian fast food. The neat little cart just offers just enough space to stand and eat your food. The day’s menu {it changes daily} is spelt out on a board right in front, and a basket full of different kinds of eggs {quail, pigeon, partridge and wild hen} is the only decor to be found here.

What's On the Menu?

We chose to go with the spicy mutton brain omelette first. The thin {no fluffy business here} French style omelette came topped with a layer of really spicy and peppery onions bell peppers and chillies and little dollops of brain bits. The meaty, buttery offal went so well with the eggs that we gasped with delight. No really. Eggs and brains… a match made in heaven. Our next omelette was equally spicy and came topped with a marinated and pan grilled whole Sankara aka red snapper. Owner and chef Nathan K Kumar, who has spent a long time cooking on cruises, told us that he likes to use fish which basically have very less bones to make of easy eating. the fiery fish went well with the omelette bits. While the grilled fish served on an omelette is definitely a novelty, we are going back again for the  really umami brain omelette. Plus, there’s apparently also whole crab, prawns and sardines served on omelettes. Thankfully no basa!

So, We're Thinking...

For the less adventurous, there is of course the standard chicken and cheese, pepper chicken and grilled chicken breast served over a omelette, and also mushroom, cheese and baby corn versions for the vegetarians. Priced at just INR 150, this is good value for money, though much pricier than other street food. But this is gourmet street food at it best, so we don’t mind shelling out the money.

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