Spice Up Your Chicken Wings, Nachos & Pretty Much Anything With This Brand's Hot Sauces

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What Makes It Awesome

If you love hot sauces like us, then you'd love El Diablo Sauces. It's one of our favourite hot sauces brands in the market currently, mainly for their wide range of sauces that you can use for pretty much everything -- as a dip to spread and even to cook. Our favourite two sauces are the Hot AF and the Super Hot Ghost Chilli. It can straight up give you the heat that you love. Both these sauces use fresh ingredients and zero preservatives (all their sauces contain zero preservatives), so that's a win-win too. 

Of course, to some, the above two sauces might be pure agony, but luckily for those less tolerant to spice, El Diablo has got milder sauces too. Their Mild N Wild range of sauces has Mango Garlic, Sweet Onion Coco, and Kiwi Raw Papaya BBQ Sauce variants. We've tried the Mango Garlic and it's this sweet and sour sauce that you can use as a dip for your samosas and sandwiches or to cook with. Speaking of mangoes, if you loved eating raw mangoes with chilli powder and salt as a kid (and even now), their It's Kaccha Aam Bro is literally that in a sauce form. We have used it for our chaats.


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