The Embassy International Riding School Is Perfect For You And Your Kids To Horse Around

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What Makes It Awesome

Spend your day horsing around amidst woods, away from the city at the Embassy International Riding School. It is an ideal place to spend a Sunday, where you can relax and the kids can have some outdoor fun. The Embassy International Riding School, located 27 kilometers north of the city, is accessible and makes for a great day trip for both kids and adults. Unlike most clubs, the Embassy Riding School is far from uptight. The hospitality and openness of the place will surprise you. Plan for a relaxed lunch at Ai Cavalli — the Italian restaurant on campus that serves simple home-style Italian cuisine. From pastas, salads, sandwiches and grilled chicken to finger food that your kids won’t fuss about, the menu here offers enough options. Ask for a nicely chilled beer and you can lay back and enjoy the rustic feel of the place.

While you wait for your food, you can walk around the stables or enjoy the lawn, which houses a few friendly pooches and farm animals. There’s also a trampoline to keep the little ones busy. Post-lunch, your child could set off for an hour-long pony ride into the woods with a qualified instructor. They also conduct summer and weekend kids camp where children get hands-on experience on different aspects of riding. The riding school also organises an Own-A-Pony day and has horse-riding courses that one can enroll. The weekend kids camp starts at INR 15,700 plus taxes and own a pony day starts at INR 7,700 plus taxes. If you wish to spend more than just a Sunday, make the most of the EIRS tents priced at INR 3,900 (breakfast) and rooms priced at INR 4,500 plus taxes per night.


Visit the Embassy Riding School on several occasions ranging from spending the day with family on one occasion to play dates and birthday parties. It makes for a unique venue for birthday parties, a lot of fun for the kids especially if you & your expected guests live in the North Bangalore area.


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