Enjoy The Tastes Of South India In The Delicious Feast At This Outlet!

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If you love traditional South Indian food on a banana leaf, you must visit Paakashala for their “Baale Yele Oota” which is served every weekend for lunch. They serve nearly 25 items from all states of South India in a feast like a format. Everything about this place is very festive right from the floral entrance to the ambience, the attire worn by the servers and the scrumptious fare.

They have also the safety and sanitation measures in place.

The food will be enjoyed by the elderly and youngsters alike. It starts off with Kashaya , a nice drink which is known to have medicinal properties. They serve a lot of traditional dishes which vary every weekend. I loved the Bisibele Bath, Holige and the Akki Roti not to forget the Appam and Stew. The desserts left me craving for me. Everything was delicious and it’s unlimited so you can eat t your heart’s content for only Rs. 250 per person.

The meal ends with a paan and banana. I can’t wait to go there again with my friends and family.

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