Travel Through Space, Fly A Plane, And Run From Ghosts At This New Entertainment Arena

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An entertainment and sports zone, Fun Factory is a massive space in ETA Mall that’ll keep kids and kids at heart entertained. Come on, there’s VR and flight simulation! What’s not to love?

Stadium Arcadium

In The Arcade Touted to be one of the best set-ups in India as of now, this place is spread over 20,000sqft and that means lots to keep people like me entertained. They have bowling alleys, cricket lanes {which can be customised to bowl like your favourite player, and in the stadium you want!} and arcade games {naturally, my salary will be spent on basket ball and Deal, No Deal}, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Virtual Reality is the future. But the future is NOW! And that’s why I am super pumped about Fun Factory.

Check Into Virtual Reality

Apart from the usual VR bike rides and car chases, this place is offering full-on virtual reality rides that will transport you from Bangalore to the darkness of space, climb the Himalayas or even save planet Earth from the onslaught of evil robots. So much excitement! Oh, and if you’re not into these kinds of adventures, maybe you’ll like the intense roller coaster ride, also through VR, but one that will give you all the thrills of a real roller coaster.

Always wanted to be a pilot? This is your chance. You’ll be suspended in mid-air and you’ll have a 180-degree view around you – all you need to do is use the controls to fly your aircraft to safety. So, fly safe or crash and burn!

Who You Gonna Call?

Oh, you though the super safe bike race or the spaceship battle was scary? Ha, best prepare yourself for the Scary House. I’m not talking about the usual ones where people jump out at you — those are terrifying enough. But this one adds CGI, 3D and VR into the mix. This means there’s much more than meets the eye. I nearly collapsed when I suddenly walked into a cold breeze and instantly a 3D image of an eerie ghost engulfed me. Yikes! Phew, at least I survived and can warn you.

All Inclusive

While the larger part is for adults, they do have a special section for the littlest of us all — Playmon. With easy arcade games, cutesy interactive slides, softball shooting and a play area, make it a family outing to this place. Ideal for office outings, or for a whole day of gaming with the gang, it’s worth heading into the old side of the city for this. So, who’s up for some ghost busting and space exploring?


If you’re keen on public transport, get the Metro to City Railway Station, then walk about 15 minutes on the Tank Bund Road to get here. Easy, peasy!


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