Indiranagar’s 12th Main Superhero Store Is Open Again, Comic Book Geeks!

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The Entertainment Store, the Mecca for comic nerds and pop culture enthusiasts in the city, has opened on Indiranagar’s 12th Main. You can expect them to repeat the awesomeness of the first store on Church Street — shelves lined up with the latest comic books (mainly from the Marvel and DC World), bobbleheads and movie posters. This is also the place to snap up original merchandise from beloved hits such as Harry Potter, Tintin, The Simpsons, Doctor Who and Star Wars. Gamers and anime lovers will also find paradise here — from old classics to hot favourites (and merch!), you’ll get it all.

The best part about the store is that you can get your hands on all the latest merch. We are talking about everything from The Mandolorian to the last Star Wars movie. 


Both the Church Street and the Indiranagar store are open with limited staff and all the government regulated rules and protocols. The stores are regularly sanitized and all the customers are given sanitizers as well as their temperatures are checked before entry. You won't be able to try out any apparel and clothing while at the store. Social distancing is followed at the store and you won't be allowed inside without a mask. Make sure that you follow all the rules. You can also opt for home delivery by ordering through their website. Please note that the stores will be closed on Sundays until Sunday, May 31.


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