Ten-Second Takeaway

Comic book and pop culture lovers can rejoice as The Entertainment Store comes to Indiranagar. Plus, a bubble tea cafe that’s opened at the premises promises to double the fun!

Comic Caper

The Entertainment Store, the Mecca for comic nerds and pop culture enthusiasts in the city, has just opened on Indiranagar’s 12th Main. You can expect them to repeat the awesomeness of the first store on Church Street — shelves lined up with the latest comic books {mainly from the Marvel and DC World}, bobble heads and movie posters. This is also the place to snap up original merchandise from beloved hits such as Harry Potter, Tintin, The Simpsons, Doctor Who and Star Wars. Gamers will also find paradise here — from old classics to hot favourites, you’ll get it all.

There’s one very welcoming addition in this one though, with the Big Straw Boba Cafe, a bubble tea place inside the store. All this walking around excitedly can get pretty tiring, and the kind folks at the Entertainment Store have realised that, which is why, now you can browse through and stay energised, all at once. Watch this space for more.

Feature Photo: The Entertainment Store