Equilibrium In Indiranagar Welcomes Adults And Kids To Take Part In The Sheer Joy of Climbing

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Equilibrium Climbing Station In Indiranagar is a fun place to hang out with friends, participate in team activities and or even take your kids — all for the love of climbing walls.

What Is It?

Equilibrium is a climbing station in Indiranagar, that offers walls for climbers — amateur to pros with increasingly difficult levels. Whether you are a first timer and want to take baby steps, or can shimmy up like Spiderman, up to the ceiling in no time, you will find something fun to do here.

Who Is It For?

They welcome everybody, and for kids the age limit is five years. But I took along my three-year-old and they let her try some climbing, under supervision of course. You will need to sign a liability form though.

What's The Ambience Like?

It’s huge, it’s cavernous and it is grungy. All walls come with colourful climbing holds and are all layered with cushiony mattresses to control any fall or accident. Instructors are always around to give you a helping hand. You can climb taller surfaces by being harnessed to sturdy ropes.

How Was My Experience?

I took my 3-year old daughter who loves climbing, and she enjoyed herself immensely. Instructors were friendly, and helped her ace the little tips and tricks of climbing. The place was full on a Sunday, and some folks had come down for a team activity and it looked like they were having fun. They even let my daughter try out the walls on a complimentary basis since this was her first time.

Anything Else?

Finding Equilibrium is a bit tough because the building located on CMH Road {close to the Metro station} is a bit run down and you don’t know where exactly is their entrance.


They have free WiFi, incase you still want to remain connected to the World Wide Web while on a fun, physical activity that wants you to go offline,


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