Your Chance To Play Sherlock At Escape Hunt In Indiranagar

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Are you ready to solve a Bollywood murder or a crime that sees a merchant killed? Hit up live escape room Escape Hunt to let the Sherlock shine through.

Calling Sherlock

With live escape rooms in Sydney, Houston and Paris among others, Escape Hunt brings its puzzle-solving excitement to Indiranagar with three mysterious crimes. Now for those who are not sure what this ‘game’ is all about, we’ll decode it for you in short: There’s been a crime {fictional, of course}, you’re a detective, and you race against the clock to reach the true criminal by solving puzzles and clues, which then assures you come out of the room alive. Savvy? Great. Put 60 minutes on the clock now.

Crime Scene Investigation

This new place has currently three games on offer — Bollywood Murder, Trapped In An Unknown Temple and Anchorage Assassination. The first requires you to find who murdered the lead actress of a film. But the problem is time — it needs to be solved before a media frenzy breaks out. The Trapped In An Unknown Temple sees your tour guide go rogue and locks you and your fellow tourists in a temple, threatening to kill you on his return. Your task? To escape, naturally. And finally the Anchorage Assassination, the game we tried out.

MI5 In The House

Alas, a wealthy merchant has been killed on a ship that’s just docked in London. So we donned our MI5 hats because there’s only an hour to solve this puzzle, as the ship is scheduled for departure. With the help of a few clues that the police has found {thankfully}, you’re on your way. Despite solving many other such mysteries before, this particular one really upped the game. Not only did it need quick wit and logic {it’s not as common as you think, OK?}, but also a really keen eye. Luckily, we watch too much CSI, Stranger Things and Criminal Minds, so we managed to find the rascal killer in 48 minutes. Phew!

We like that instead of making the room and décor cluttered with too many puzzles, they’ve taken the difficulty level a bit higher, and in fact, more realistic. How’s that for an afternoon of excitement? It’s ideal for groups of four to five, though two is the minimum. Feel free to give the LBB Crew a call, we’re dying to play the second two games too!


Weekends get really crowded so it’s best to book well in advance. Also, the per person rates goes down the larger your group is.


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