Ten-Second Takeaway

If you stayed up all night binge watching Stranger Things and Prison Break or bought first-day, first-show tickets for Taken, then head to The Escape Room to play the real life version.

Escape What?

You’re thrust into a room which is part of a story line, and your entire focus should be on getting out of that room alive with only 45 minutes on the clock. Not that you’d really die, but then play along will you? With four different live experiences to choose from, you and your crew will have to push the limits of intellectual capabilities to crack codes and break out of the situation.

Not your usual, “Oh look. I found a clue” game, these ones require logic, intuition and some team work. Plus, you can’t just randomly solve puzzles; they have to be in sequence so you really can’t skip or pass any. So get your CSI game on and channel your inner John McCaine {from Die Hard, obviously} and get solving. Currently, there are four different games on offer – Taken, Prison Break, The Vampire Chronicles and Gallery.

Solve It

Taken is the classic film-brought-into-the-live-escape-situation and the boss’s daughter needs saving from an international mob. Said to be the toughest of the four, you’re going to need plenty of wit and wisdom. But if you’re still hung up on vampires, then you could be the key to breaking the deadlock lasting over 1,000 years and make peace between humans and vampires. But only if you succeed! The LBB Crew time is 36 minutes. Beat that!

Gallery, Insidious Art Thief is great fun though because tables are turned, and instead of saving the world, you are the thief and need to break into the gallery to steal priceless art. All this at an event which is maximum security! How’s that for fun? In Prison Break, just like the television series, you are locked in a maximum security prison and waiting to be executed. But since you were framed by one Dr Malcom for slaying your own wife {fancy that!}, all you want to do is run, and be the first to getaway alive.

So, We’re Thinking…

Skip the EDM, cocktails and dress up one weekend, and get your thinking cap on. These games are more fun than you think. Ergo, don’t blame us if you’re addicted after playing one escape game.

Where: 2nd Floor, No: 138, 1st Cross 5th Block, Koramangala, above Nagarjuna Restaurant

When: 11am-11pm with the last slot to play being 10.15pm

Price: INR 500 on weekdays, INR 550 on weekends and public holidays, and INR 400 for students

Contact: +91 9880928681

Find them on Facebook here.

Check out their website here.

Featured image via: Escape Room