Adorn Your Walls With Indian Art: Shop Hand-Painted Wall Plates & Cow Heads Here

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Eswar Vintage

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What Makes It Awesome

Nailing Indian charm straight into the wall is Eswar Vintage, an up and coming wall art and home decor brand from Hyderabad. One look at their products and you'll know the lackluster corners of your home have better days coming their way. 

IT techie, Siva who moonlights as an artist, single-handedly runs this business fuelled by passion and his love for canvas painting. His goal is to bring back yesteryear's wall decor glory by hand painting vintage designed Cow Heads, Elephant Heads and even Deer Heads. What adds most personality to his work is the use of multiple vibrant colours and different Indian painting styles like Pichwai, Rajasthani miniature and Pattachitra among others. We see the bold lines, fine detailing and use of fine brush strokes as a great conversation starter too! 

Eswar Vintage's collection also features other animal heads (horse, rhino, rabbit) and Wall Plates in similar traditional designs. Other signature accents include traditional Kathakali and Theyyam Faces that can be hooked onto walls or sat on tables. Aside from traditional, Siva loves to freestyle too and often creates contemporary pieces -- imagine a wine coloured deer head with ombre antlers or in a floral design. Siva, will also be happy to customise a piece to suit your home's colours or aesthetic!

Best believe that these pieces will add a sense of grandeur to your home, this without costing the stars because they start at INR 2,000 only. Worldwide shipping is available.


A lot of the wall plates and heads feature deities too. This addition is entirely optional.


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