Enjoy Scrumptious Vegetarian Fusion Food At This Outlet In Namma Bengaluru!

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Are you looking for a vegetarian place and would like to try out a new fusion of Indian food with Asian, Italian or some other cuisines for a fine dining experience, Street Storyss is your choice:

The restaurant is cute and very well set up. They have some really comfortable seating. They have taken a lot of measures to protect you against Covid-19. Every one was wearing a mask, people serving us were wearing a face shield and gloves. The service was exceptional.

We started off our dining with Nibu Paani and Orange Kafir Lime, nothing is regular. Everything is special here. We started our appetizers with Avocado Mousse which was lip smacking good. Bangkok stir fry is a must try anyone exploring this restaurant. We tried malai soya chaap shawarma and shikanji paneer which is again unique to this place with a stuffing in between the paneer. Paneer was so tender and delicious, you would want more. For our main course we tried Burmese Khao Suey, should definitely try it with all the toppings they serve you with. We tried Frozen coffee malai and vegan icecream for our desserts. The vegan icecream was diary, gluten and sugar free, it was cocoa, cardamom and chilis which leaves you with a good spice at the end. Would definitely recommend it.

It is pretty easy to locate, looks small from outside, but it's spacious and a very nice place to have a good lunch or dinner with your family.

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