Hogwarts Beds And Downton Abbey Display Shelves, This Store Does Antique-Inspired Furniture

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What Makes It Awesome

When it comes to budget furniture, Infantry Road is the gift that keeps on giving. So when we saw sophisticated teak showcases and classy wooden sofas peek out of the glass window of Fab Home, we had to check it out. Sure their prices aren’t the cheapest, but dealing with only teak and sheesham furniture, it’s clearly meant as an investment.

What we love most about their stuff is the colonial look each of them had. When we nosed around a bit we realised that this store was a unit of Kaira Creations, a 20-year old company based out of London, which explained their period furniture designs. Their wooden showcases and display shelves are a winner with us for their neat geometric designs. Made of teak, these will lend a classy touch to any home. And they’ve got dark wooden bookcases too, that took us back to the good old days. 

To add that hint of Downton Abbey to your home, pick from their wooden chests of drawers, bar cabinets and coffee tables , all with an antique twist that’s sure to remind you of your grandparents’ home. Plus, there are sofa sets, beds (including Hogwarts-style four poster ones), dining tables and wooden shelves here too, so if you’re looking to set up home with some timeless wooden furniture, make sure you check them out. Rates are on the pricier end though, starting at INR 17,000 for the bookshelves, INR 20,000 for the display shelves and INR 38,000 for their single beds. Can’t find something that catches your fancy? Fear not, they customise furniture too. 


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