Add These Boho Chic Kilims & Carpets To Your House From This Export Surplus Store

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What Makes It Awesome

On the outside, this place might look like some cheap cloth, plastic, and dusty rug selling space but ignore all that and head straight to the stacked heaps of boho rugs. Quality rugs sold in international stores like Crate and Barrel and Anthropologie, are among some hidden gems that you will find in these piles. These are either export surplus or export reject, which is usually because of a tiny stain or two that disappears in a wash. But since these are sold per kg, starting INR 200 or 250 a kg, these stains are almost ignorable.

I found a cool Moroccan wedding blanket style rug that I had previously seen on an international home decor blog. They even have a collection of cotton woven table runners from time to time.

What Could Be Better?

Well, considering the value for money that you get, there is no reason to complain but since it's an open space you are always in direct contact with dust.

What's My Pro Tip?

Allergic to dust? Don't forget to carry a mask. Also, It takes time to go through these piles to pick some chic rugs, so visit when you don't have to rush somewhere else.

Anything Else?

I even found a handwoven runner that had a sample tag and a date written on it but for INR 80 that was a pretty sweet deal.

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