Fantastic Brews And Amazing Food

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What Makes It Awesome?

How awesome can the newest brewery of Koramangala be? Biergarten has lush green interiors defining the name. The ambience is perfect for a beer anytime here. They also have solicitor special for regulars. Biergarten is where one can enjoy fresh craft beer along with the delicious food of many cuisines. The service is good and fast.

Coming to the Brews:
-Hefeweizen: One of the best Hefe in town. One can easily down two. Smooth and not so bitter. It's how a Hefeweizen should be.
Golden Ale: This comes with the least alcohol percentage. A pick for light drinkers.
-IPA: The dash of citrus in your beer is never bad.
Stout: Coffee and Chocolate in your beer. A perfect stout after a long time.
-Vienna Lager: This is slightly reddish brown and not so bitter. A unique brew and this was my drink.

Seasonal beers:
-Rye: The not so sour Rye. Very well brewed.
-Double IPA: For citrus lovers, this can always be fantastic. Double the flavour of lemon as summer is slowly starting, this can be a perfect drink for this spring.

Vegetarian Starters:
-Mushroom Galouti: Man! This is a must try for vegetarians who need to taste the Galouti Kebabs. This was a perfect replication of the Mutton Galouti. Mushrooms were perfectly minced and given a fantastic flavour by the chef.
-Soya Chap: When you hate Panner, you can definitely go ahead with this. Me being a less Panner eater, this was good. Soya Chap from the streets of Delhi reminded me here.
-Veg Nachos: Decent Salsa and a good bar bite

Non-vegetarian starters:
-Tandoori chicken Momo: Maybe the Chef is from Delhi, these dishes came out very well. Chicken momos are given a tandoor touch with the exact amount of spices. This will come under my favourites.
-Chicken Nachos: Decent salsa with Chicken, definitely a lovable bar bite
-Gushao Chilli Chicken: The Chinese style chilli chicken was made good.
-Las Maas Tacos: A unique way of presenting Lal Maas by serving on a taco. The spice was good and the blend was perfect.
-Butter Chicken Sliders: As I told you, the Chef is doing a fantastic job. Butter Chicken presented in a different and unique way. Soft butter chicken with amazing slider in starters.

Main course:
-Agilo Olio: One-word description, amazing.
-Thai Curry with Jasmine rice: Green curry based on Broccoli and other veggies is definitely a super combination. I am definitely coming back for this.
-Diavola: Pizza with lots of cheese, who doesn't fancy that? With a generous amount of eggplants and olives, this is an absolute delicacy.

-Bailey's Cheesecake: One of a kind.

Biergarten has started a society for its regulars called as the Stein Society where one Pint would be upgraded to one litre and a free pint of seasonal brew with their Beer Mugs personalised with the Name.

What Could Be Better?

Crispy Lotus Stem was a bit hard, the chef can work on this.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids

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