Want Your Eggs Farm Fresh & Home Delivered? Count On This Service To Do The Job!

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What Makes It Awesome

A pantry staple, we simply can't do with our eggs and in times of lockdown, hunting down free range eggs can be tough! Which is why we have found you Farm Made Foods that is bringing us eggs that they ethically and sustainable rear at their farms in Coimbatore.

This means the hens live a humane and cruelty-free life, free to roam around in the farm and eat a healthy diet and thereby produce better quality, nutritious eggs! You can shop for Farm Made eggs on sites like Big Basket or Nature's Basket but good news is, you can now shop directly from them because they've launched doorstep delivery in Bangalore.

To place an order, send an SMS or Whatsapp 9019852277. They guarantee a next delivery for a minimum order of INR 450. You can pay online using either G-pay or Paytm. There are no additional charges.

Pro Tip

They are soon launching the same facility in other cities. To find out keep an eye on their Instagram. Besides eggs, they also sell Coconut Sugar, Coconut Ladoo and Coconut Candy.

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