Make Healthy Food Pretty Again: This Brand Delivers 11 Types Of Microgreens To Your Doorstep

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What Makes It Awesome

Healthy living has become all the rage (and thankfully so), and we’re here to help you get there if you’re not. Kitchen gardens, balcony gardens and pretty much everything in between are possible for growing greens if you have space, but in the event you don’t have that Farmnext, a microgreens delivery service has your back. 

A weekly subscription, they grow and farm around 11 types of microgreens. You can choose to get one box delivered (of one type of microgreen), or a subscription pack for one (INR 999), three (INR 2499), or six months (INR 4999). They have Aragula (Rocket), Fenugreek, Mustard, Pak Choi, Pink Radish, Red Cabbage, Sunflower, and Basil among others. Family subscriptions with four assorted boxes every week for one, three, or six months are also available. Go further in your journey of health with their Wheatgrass box subscription. The subscripton and pricing options are similar to the microgreen options. It's all grown organically, and is free of synthetic chemicals.

If the Wheatgrass juice (that we presume you’ll make) is too bitter, feel free to get one (or all six) bottle of forest honey from their Som Sattva range. Working with bee keepers and honey collectors across the country, their honey is sourced from different forests in Bihar, MP, Rajasthan, the Western Ghats, Kashmir & Coorg. Sustainably farmed, the honey derives flavours from diverse flora of each forest. Litchi, eucalyptus, and berry flavoured honey -- it's all natural depending on the flowers the bees went to.


The microgreens and wheatgrass can be home delivered to any part of Bangalore from their farm. Their honeys are available across the country on popular e-commerce platforms.


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