Baked Burgers And Cheesy Fries For INR 200 Comes To Cunningham Road

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Claiming to offer ‘India’s First Baked Burgers’, Biggies – Burgers N More, keeps it old school, serving up only burgers, fries, subs, sandwiches and ice coolers. And finally, they’re opening closer to CBD, at Cunningham Road.

What Is It?

Opening in Cunningham Road, the 16th outlet of this burger chain brings its usual menu of typical American fast food. If you’re about in Koramangala, BTM Layout, HSR, Kalyan Nagar and a few other localities, they’re around there too. What makes them a bit different is that they have a range of baked burgers. They say that they’re made with no oil, thus making them healthy. If you want your burgers like Jughead Jones though, then the grilled and fried options are also available. As are sides like fries and nuggets.

What Is The Ambience Like?

Done up in yellow and black, seating across almost all their little outlets have limited seating, albeit cheery yellow steel chairs are quite a nostalgic addition to eateries. But nothing really to write home about, you’ll find it’s very much like a fast food QSR place – order, eat, leave.

Who Is It For?

For quick service, a cheap enough meal and a good old tuck of junk food, Biggies ticks all the boxes. Don’t go here if you’re expecting some fancy meal.

Must Eat

Crunchy Nugget single-decker burger, Mexican Spicy Hot Dog, Cheesy Fries and mojiti {non-alcoholic}

More About The Experience

I usually do a quick take away from here because the spaces are really small. Service is competent enough, though if you make changes to the pre-existing dish, they do bungle. The burgers are good – not exceptional, but at INR 100 for the single-decker ones, who’s complaining. I really like the hotdog with the hint of Mexican spice and the cheesy fries are really crunchy despite coming loaded with cheese. I’ve had one bad experience here when the burger patty on the Crispy Patty {chicken} was frozen but hey, mistakes happen, right? The mojito is a refreshing drink and ideal for summer.


They have many combos on offer that gets you a burger/sandwich/sub, plus a mojito and fries. Easy to just take away, or gobble down if you’re in a hurry and don’t want to think of what you order too much.


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