Cunningham Road's Secret Oriental Eatery: The Fat Buddha

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Singapore Chilli Crab, Seaweed Spring Roll and Shagai Rice


Bodhi Berry

Winning for

Really pretty ambience and food that strikes a balance between authentic and Indianised.

What to eat

Skip the soups here simply because they’re all standard {but if you really want one, order the Crab Meat Soup}. We’d rather recommend their salads such as The Vegetarian Thai Salad, with a tangy mango ginger dressing or the Oriental Seafood Salad loaded with shrimp, crab and a few veggies. A light drizzle of sesame oil and lemongrass adds a lovely zing.

For starters, kick off with the spicy whole grilled pomfret {we recommend using your hands here to eat this}. Follow up with Singapore Chilli Crab. Meaty and sweet-spicy, it really is a dish off the streets of Singapore. Vegetarians must have Seaweed Spring Roll – salty strips of seaweed in sushi rolls. Then never again complain that you don’t have a choice because in Section C {like old-school take-away eateries} 1-14 is only vegetarian!

Herbivores, devour Mar Pos Tofu {Tofu in chili paste and sesame oil} and Buddha’s Delight, glass noodles, shiitake mushroom and pokchoy steamed and served in an earthen pot. The Peking Crab – with chilli and garlic, is our favourite, with the fiery Lamb in Chilli Basil, a close second. But the lamb is sinfully fried so don’t order if you’re counting calories. Don’t forget to order Fat Buddha Shagai Rice – the most delicious and practical mix of noodles, rice, chicken or veggies in a thick soya sauce, which doubles as a single meal itself.

What to drink

They have a good wine list, but mocktails are the way to go. The Bodhi Berry, fusing slightly pungent cranberry with fresh apples with a hint of honey, is a hit with us.

The DL on ambience

In a renovated bungalow, red, gold and black dominates this restaurant. Inside, Chinese fans, dragons and red carved wood separates booth seating. We prefer, and recommend, the pretty outdoor area for a fresh and romantic setting.

So, we’re thinking...

Great for a dose of actual Oriental food mixed with desi greasy options, this is a great option if you’re looking for ambience and a bit more than just decent takeaway.


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