Ten-Second Takeaway

Fat Fanny’s Cafe wins brownie points because of its vintage charm and laid-back atmosphere. Plus, their vegetarian dishes are pretty neat.

Who Is It For?

Someone who’s into vintage decor will surely enjoy the ambience to the core here. Both meat as well as well veggie lovers will fall in love with Fat Fanny’s Cafe.

What’s The Ambience Like?

Photo source: Fat Fanny's

Photo source: Fat Fanny’s

The cafe is small, but with a really lovely ambience. The furniture is vintage and everything here comes with a touch of whimsy {with old fans and quirky telephones}. This is a perfect place to catch up with friends over a delicious meal, any time of the day.

Must Eat

Loved the TFF Veg Feast and a cup of Sulaimani tea to wash it down.

How Was My Experience?

The ambience was the very first thing that intrigued me. Being a vegetarian myself it’s pretty difficult to find a place that offers tasty food with enough options. The atmosphere here is homely. No air conditioner though. Don’t except a fancy setting, this cafe is laid-back and simple.

Name: Ritu

Email: twistedtaleoflove@gmail.com