Buy One, Feed Two: For Every Pet Meal You Buy, This Pet Food Service Will Feed A Stray

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Feed Our Souls is an online pet food service that lets you feed two dogs for the price of one meal. Every time you buy a rice box, a stray dog will receive a nutritious meal. Oh, and they make cakes for pets too.

Soul Food

Although many pets have found loving homes and comfort in the care of their pets parents, there are still plenty of strays that wander the streets with empty stomachs. Feed Our Souls is a pet food service that is trying to make a change by offering to feed a stray for free, with every one of their rice boxes you order for your own doggo. A specially curated meal, their homemade rice boxes are packed with plenty of nutrition for your doggo. Brown rice, plenty of veggies, chicken and liver paste {they have vegetarian options as well}, it’s a healthy and substantial meal for just INR 70. And you’ll be feeding a stray pup too, who will receive a bigger portion with more meat and bone to make up for all the meals they’ve missed.

The service will even send you photos of the stray they’ve fed. You can even order weekly subscriptions, so your pupper’s meals for the week are sorted. They do deliveries in and around the city and if you’re out of reach, they’ll get in touch with an external delivery system to get the food to you. Hit them up on Facebook here to find out more.

Sweet Pet Treats

Feed Our Souls also does made-to-order cakes for dogs too. If the pooch’s birthday is coming up, give them a buzz two to three days prior and they’ll have a special cake {for dogs only} ready for the little fluffball. They even make cupcakes for pets. And they’re cakes are just as nutritious as their daily meals, as they’re made with rice and liver too. If the doggo wants something even sweeter, they make ice cream for pets too, so our furry friends don’t miss out on our favourite creamy treats.


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