Rise Up To A Happy You By Sipping On Filter Coffee From This Brand!

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Rise Up Coffee

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What Makes It Awesome

The perfect pick me up, the life saver, the only way of survival man has known — mighty claims but coffee sure does deserve acknowledgement in many ways and situations. And one of the best of its kind has to be our very own South Indian Coffee. Rich and full-flavoured, the aromas of freshly brewed Filter Coffee gets the house going every morning. Speaking of mornings and coffee, to help you rise and shine better, give Rise Up Coffee a go.

This brand that's been around pre-independence (1938, wowza) brings us Arabica coffee from its estates in Chikmagalur while roasting and grinding them using German machinery. Their products include a range of Filter Coffee blends in varying degrees of strength and aroma. This includes, Aroma Pure Filter Coffee, Aroma Premium, Aroma Fresh and more. 

Each mixture contains 70 percent coffee and 30 percent chicory, for a full-bodied blend with a more rounded flavour. Their 250gm packs are just enough for you to give a go, if you're new to the brand. Prices range between INR 100 to INR 160. Make sure to finish it up (we're sure you will) 12 months from the date of manufacturing. 

Tea lovers, Rise Up also has a Premium Fresh Tea Powder.


Rise Up sells on LBB, making that purchase life easy for you! You can also visit their website where you will also find liquid decoctions and spices on retail. 


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