Drop By Burger Yard For Some Incredible Burgers & Amazing Shakes

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What Makes It Awesome?

Burger Yard, the whole nine yards of incredible burgers in Sarjapur Road is new and here to rule.
Its a must-visit place for all the burger lovers, pork and beef lovers.
Cool and quirky ambience, super fast service, delicious burgers make this place special.

Decent seating arrangement. I love the way they arranged posters related to burger freaks. It is cozy and colorful.

❤ Service:-
They are known for their super fast service so that it's easy for anyone to grab juicy burgers in between your office hours.

They have a self-service concept. As soon as you enter, head to the counter, order your burgers and beverages, they will get served to your tables.

Polite and friendly staff.
❤ Quality:-
Except for burger buns and potato chips, rest everything like patties, sauces are made in house. I like the way they are putting their effort to make every burger exceptional is incredible.

One more thing I observed is, they are using bamboo plates and paper straws which needs appreciation.

Their menu is so simple. They categorized burgers into two:-
1. Classics.
2. Incredibles.

Both are equally good, delicious and juicy.
We have ordered 4 different burgers
1. Cheesy Affair (classics, 4.5/5)
It is a minced chicken patty, pan-grilled with cheese, served with crisp lettuce, tomato, onion, creamy mayo and topped with egg/bacon.
So delicious juicy. I have preferred runny egg and It didn't disappoint me.

2. Pork-o-pine(classics,4.3/5)
Its a slow-cooked pulled pork tossed in barbeque sauce served with grilled pineapple, crisp lettuce and creamy mayo.
I was surprised when I heard the combination, Pork, and pine! It was outstanding. So soft, creamy.

3. Cowboy hog(incredibles,5/5)
Its a minced beef patty infused with barbeque pulled pork, pan-grilled with cheese, served with crisp lettuce, tomato, caramelized onion, and creamy mayo
This burger stole the show. It is my first time trying beef and I was absolutely happy and satisfied after having the first bite. It was so big, creamy, succulent, filled with beef and pork.

4.The triple barrel(incredibles, 4.7/5)
Its a minced pork patty topped with herb sauteed pork sausage, bacon, and white onion, served with crisp lettuce, sliced cheese, and paprika mayo

Have you ever heard of pork patty? It is outstanding and an absolute treat!

Their beverage menu is also simple too, consists of only 10 options.
I have ordered oreo milkshake, cold coffee, fresh lime. Fresh lime juice is so refreshing and much needed one after having those giant burgers.
Cold coffee is perfect for coffee lovers. But I liked oreo milkshake more.

A little bit costly, but worth it as they use in-house sauces and patties.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Bae, Big Group, Kids