Channel The Muhammad Ali In You At This Gym In This Whitefield Mall

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What Makes It Awesome

Started by venture-capitalist, lead trainer and ex-armyman Austin Prakesh from Singapore, FCC is touted to be India’s first fight club, and when it started in Bangalore back in 2012, it created waves that the town didn’t anticipate. Now, four years on, the space teaches you everything from Muay Thai (the speciality) and kick-boxing to Mixed Martial Arts and Jiu-Jitsu. 

We love that you don’t just jump into training. You’re first made to do a couple of fitness tests to check what level you’re really at. Our workout kicked off with the Frankenstein walk. Then came high knee lifts, Spider-man walks (imagine doing planks and walking at the same time) and finish off with a static plank. Then comes the solid cardiovascular section with everything from skipping and step exercise to crunches and mountain climbers.

Then came the real deal – we got to step into the fight ring –Fitness Fight Club just got real! So jabs, crosses and ducks became our Holy Grail, like it will yours. On a good day, Austin himself will come into the ring to train you. If you’re quick then run to the nearest exit! His tips on how to get back up when you’re down, how to keep moving even while resting is invaluable. Make sure you quickly sign-up here for their lessons, be it basic, intermediate, advanced or pro levels. If you’re just looking to get fighting fit, the sessions here are challenging, energising and arm you with the life skills to take on a thug or two.


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