Holy Flames: This Indiranagar Pizzeria Is Doing Flambé Pizzas And We Can't Keep Calm

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The subject we are writing about today is the Truffled Funghi Misti. And it’s as hot as the wood-fired oven it was made in. We dropped by The Pizza Bakery, Indiranagar’s new pizzeria, where our subject gets a flambé makeover. Yes, you read that right. Flambé pizzas are in the house, ya’ll! And it comes highly recommended. Generous amounts of dark rum are set to flame and poured over a two mushroom {shiitake and button} pizza that also comes with toppings like sweet and sour pickled onions, caramelised onions, little drops of truffle oil, and a choice of soft and creamy Burrata {sourced from Father Michael’s brand Vallombrosa Cheese}.

Everything is then finished off with some crunchy micro greens. The staff will flambé the pizza of your choice right on your table. The rum adds a nice depth of flavour to the already intense mushrooms and those pickled onions are the best things to happen to this pizza. And guys, don’t think that the flambé option is reserved to just the one we tried. Every pizza on the menu can get a flambeed makeover.

Price: INR 348 upwards for a pizza; INR 98 for flambé and INR 158 for a single topping of Burrata!


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