Find Your Sole Mate From This New Sneaker Brand To Keep You Company All Day

What Makes It Awesome

Calling all boys! If you’re looking for sneakers that are comfortable and trendy at the same time, without really burning a hole in your pocket -- Flatheads is the way to go! This is a new Bangalore-based brand that has released its line of shoes for men. Made for the millennial workforce, these shoes are here to provide you at least 14 hours of comfort and is a great choice for working men looking for all-day shoes. Made to feel light and breathable, the extra cushiony insoles provide extra comfort. 

The shoes are available in three different styles - Vronk, Ooof and Kapow. Vronks are classic sneakers that go with denims, chinos, pants and even shorts (priced at INR 2,995), the Ooof collection is available in six different colours and is great for occasion wear (priced at IR 3,495) and the Kapows are 3D sock-knit shoes and is designed to feel like a sock and gently fit around the contours of the feet (priced at INR 3,995). Get your hipster on with this homegrown brand from the city. Since the brand has just launched, you’ll have to pre-order your shoes in advance since they don’t have a full stock of shoes yet.


Place your order now and you may be eligible for some exciting limited-edition merchandise that will come free with the shoes!