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What Makes It Awesome

Aren't you thrilled by the concept of bamboo sneakers? We def are! Flatheads, a Bangalore-based brand, makes shoes, just right for the millennial workforce. If you’re looking for sneakers that are light, comfortable, trendy, and pocket-friendly -- you're at the right place. 

The shoes are available in three different styles: Aurea, Ellipsis and Kapow 2.0. Aurea are the bamboo uppers available in shades like Marine, Tofu, Treebark and go well with denims, chinos, pants and even shorts. They are moisture-wicking and antimicrobial. Ellipsis are the good ol' Oxford styled plimsolls and the Kapow 2.0 are 3D sock-knit shoes, designed to feel like a sock and gently fit around the contours of the feet. Yes, you can go sockless with this brand's shoes! 

They'll provide you at least 14 hours of comfort and is a great choice for working men looking for all-day shoes. You will be confident about these shoes on those nervous dates too. Made to feel light and breathable, the extra cushiony insoles provide extra comfort. Also, the quick slip on characteristic makes it easy and saves time because you have to lace them one-time only. They are also rip and tear-resistant making them durable and low-maintenance. We also like their bamboo tees -- made of naturally cool bamboo yarn -- which are light and soft, a must-buy for summers. 


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