Meet The Fancy Version Of Milk With This Brand's All Natural Dairy Beverages!

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What Makes It Awesome

The avoidance when it comes to finishing that glass of milk is real for both adults and kids. Personally, milk makes me wince and the reason is, just by itself milk tastes bleh! But give me a glass of chocolate milk and I will be singing a different tune.

That's it. Milk tastes 10x better when flavoured and Revive Drinks most certainly agrees. This Indie beverage company is pushing for the revival of milk-based drinks and urging people to make that switch from sugary sodas. They are doing so by flavouring milk with all natural ingredients and sweeteners. The sound of wicked good flavours, no preservatives and artificial colours makes you want to give good ol' milk another go, doesn't it? Ditto! If you like traditional flavours try the Kesar Badam, Thandai and Gulkand. There's a delicious Madagascar Vanilla, Butterscotch, Mocha and Chocofudge too. Revive Drinks and also recently introduced a 100% Natural Beetroot Juice (ABC detox) and Peach Juice to its range. 

Each can retails at INR 50 and can be purchased in packs of 5 or 10 too. If you're looking to gift a coffee addict friend we say you pick the Coffee Lover Pack that has cold coffee, mocha and cappuccino. You can also get the Chocolate Lovers, Celebration or Assorted Gift Packs. Shop on the Revive Drinks Website or Amazon. They have free home delivery all over India.


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