Get A Dose Of Fresh & Healthy Drinks Home Delivered By Flying Kombucha!

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What Makes This Awesome?

Sunny, rainy or wintry, who does not fancy some fresh me-time in the day no matter what season it is? Plus if you get the option to enjoy it with a drink that is light, organic yet so flavourful, you have got to try kombucha! For the uninitiated, it is basically fermented tea with tonnes of health benefits that has got people around the world hooked. Delicately sweet, delicately tangy & naturally fizzy, Flying Kombucha is a tasty delight you’ve got to try!

Closer to home, Flying Kombucha has been making this healthy drink with organic green tea sourced from the Nilgiris. From unique flavours such as strawberry, apple, ginger, lemon, mint, pineapple, aloe vera, turmeric and more, this Kombucha brand has something for everyone. With a light effervescent texture and slightly sweetened taste, this tea has multiple benefits. Unlike the traditional form of tea, it is a recipe that’s over 2000 years old and is really good for gut health. 

Be it to kickstart a busy morning, relax after a long day, detox or even just chill with friends, this drink is perfect for any time of the day. It has a slightly tangy taste that will leave you feeling refreshed. Added to which we’ve read that Flying Kombucha drinks are completely natural and organic with no added preservatives, artificial sweeteners or artificial colours. So, go on and add a fizzy dose to your daily routine that you will be proud of.