Bombay Adda Surely Fascinates Everyone With Their Killer Decor & Amazing Food

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What Makes It Awesome?

Just entered the place and awestruck. These are very small words to describe. Bombay Adda fascinates everyone with their awestruck ambience first and then they serve food in grandeur. The hangings made from bicycle chains, iron chain curtains, High tables and mesmerizing chandeliers and much more. A natural portrait actually pulled my eyes.

Coming to the Drinks,
Baale Kaapi Huli: Literally translates to Banana Coffee Sour, Whiskey infused with Banana and sourness. One such unique cocktail here.
Bombay Adda Brew: A beer based cocktail and my favourite. Beer and whiskey with orange. Loved it
Slow Seduction: Comes in a brass container, a slow intoxicating drink which was mild

Tom Kha Chicken Soup: Chunks of chicken and broccoli infused in coconut milk is a fantastic combination.
Sriracha Panner Chilli: Panner marinated with a spice mixture of green chillies and shallow fried. Absolutely Awesome.
Idly Platter: Three types of Idlis are available here. The ghee idli and gunpowder idli is a must try. Some improvement could be done on the Achari Idli
Onion Rings with Magic Powder: It's truly a magic powder. Normal onion rings with the magic powder give this dish a burst on the tastebuds, it is served with Mayonnaise and Salsa
Pav Bhaji Fondue: Pav Bhaji in an innovation. Bombay and Pav, always the best combo. Pav fried and you have to dip your fried pav in the bowl of bhaji. The dish also is presented in a beautiful way
Wok Tossed Chicken: Wah. Perfect
Chicken Tikka: Slight improvements could be done in the Marination.

Main Course,
Neer Dosa- Mushroom Sukka: This is absolute bliss. A combination of coastal Karnataka and Bombay style originated from the Coastal Karnataka people lining in Bombay. The neer dosa was perfect. Mushroom Sukka is amazing with the combination of Red chillies and tender mushrooms.
Panner Tikka Masala with Wheat Roti: The Rotis came in a train and Panner Tikka masala in a bowl. The spice level was perfect and the roti was made perfectly.

Classic Tiramisu: Being a Tiramisu lover, this one here was awesome. A perfect proportion of Kaluah and eggs with coffee. One of the best in Namma Bengaluru.
Guava Chilli Panna cotta: The most famous dessert of Bombay Adda. Ones word-Excellent.
Philadelphia Baked Cheesecake: One bite of it and you will be chanting Oh My God. Soft and perfect
Complan G Falooda: The name first catch me, Complan and Falooda combination is great and a must try here.

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