Easy Cooking: 10 People To Follow For On-Point Meals All-Day, Everyday!

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Whether you're one that lives to eat or eats to live, cooking is a skill we must all explore and eventually master (at least the basics of). So, to help you cook up meals that are delicious, Instagram-worthy and most importantly easy, using recipes that people hold near and dear, we've conjured up a list of Insta foodies you must instantly follow! 

Monika Manchanda

This exuberant epicure loves and knows her food, so listen, and believe when she tells you a chutney, strawberry jam and bhujiya sandwich is something you must give a go this weekend. Her Instagram feed is full of drool-worthy food images, most of which have a descriptive caption, speaking of how you can recreate the dish at home by visiting her blog, Sin-a-mon Tales (link in bio). We're talking about dishes from Gooseberry Rice, Strawberry Cake, Croquettes, to the humble Idli and Sambar

Nandita Iyer

Vegetarians, here's the food influencer (and we mean actual influencer) of your dreams. Nandita Iyer, aka Saffron Trail is making vegetarian food fun, intriguing and effortless! The food photography is so on point (rely on it to get you cooking) and under each picture is a step-by-step no-nonsense recipe (that will make the cooking easy). Think vibrant salads, scrumptious snacks, satisfying full thali meals and much, much more, enough for you to never say vegetarian cuisine lacks options, anymore! 

Kranthi Chowdary

Kranthi Chowdary's feed is an amalgamation of International and Indian recipes that you can whip up from the comfort of home. Visit his blog, Slurrrp N Burp (link in bio) and you'll have access to an easy Guacamole, Thandai Flavoured Cake, Andhra Chepala Pulusu and host of other dishes. He especially likes Smoothie Blows from what we see, so if you're a fanatic too, head onto this account ASAP and create one with avocado and blueberry or even one with oatmeal, ginger and turmeric.

Divine Taste By Anushruti

Anushruti isn't messing around when it comes to food, because her all-vegetarian recipes are as homely as it can get! She also focuses on Sattvic and Ayurvedic cooking on her blog page, Divine Taste. You will find Turmeric Milk, seasonal recipes conveniently divided into Indian seasonal (Moong Dal Khichdi to Til Pancakes) and Western seasonal (Tropical fruit and Maple Sorbet and Turmeric Hummus with Sumac Roasted Vegetables). You can also learn how to make your own butter and pickles from her. 

The Gutless Foodie

We're thanking our stars for The Gutless Foodie aka Natasha Diddee who's Instagram feed is serving up some mouthwatering fare (you need to see to believe!). Each food post has an exact experience of how she went about making the dish in her description, including tips on where she found an ingredient to how she went about prepping it. Except to see dishes like English Breakfasts, lunch thalis of all kinds, soups and everything in between. From the thought gone into creating the recipe, to the pictures to the clarity on how to attack it, all you food newbies should look this influencer up now. 

Life With Spices

Lazy cooks, this one's for you. If you're seeking a quick refrigerator clean up dinner or an improvised lunch from leftovers, say hello to Kalpana Sareesh, better known as Life With Spices, whipping up multiple dishes for a meal, through cost effective and waste not, want not recipes. Her food looks vibrant, is actually super healthy and a breeze to make. Do not forget to visit the highlights section for quick video recipes. She's got a YouTube channel with simple, follow along recipes too.

Archit Aggarwal

This food blogger is bringing to us a life of simple treats through food blogs and offbeat videos on his Instagram feed. You simply have to swipe along each slide to complete each step to a recipe, while you hear Archit taking you through the nitty-gritties. Three ingredients chocolate mousse (just water, a chocolate bar and salt), Tomato Parmesan Soup, or Pasta Alla Vodka, if you're about world cuisine with a flair, you should look up this food lover now. He also gives out some handy tricks to help you get through recipes quicker and smarter. 

Whisk Affair

Whisk Affair's gram will have you whisking away in the kitchen in no time with video tutorials that are a breeze to follow. Conceptual and cooked by Neha Mathur these recipes are a breeze to master, all you need are the ingredients and the time, the will to make it will come if you just spend some time on her feed. The girl certainly loves her Indian cuisine, putting out dishes like Achari Chicken, Malabari Mutton, Makki ka Dhokla and more. 

Belly Driven

For lunchbox meal inspo, you need Monalisa Mehrotra's belly driven recipes, that are simple concoctions of what she cooks on an everyday basis. Her fare is global and we are certainly eyeing recipes like the comforting Congee, Kids Pad Thai, and Stuffed Karela. To help kids gobble up their dishes she also suggests leaving sweet handwritten notes in tiffin boxes (we totally second that idea!)

Shivesh Bhatia

Now this self taught Baker needs no introduction and for the right reasons! It's because his desserts do all the talking for him. Shivesh's feed is a delightful sight, it isn't just pleasing to the eye but we are sure is pleasing to the palate too. These sweet recipes are super easy and convenient to make, like the Eggless No Bake Chocolate cake made in a pressure cooker or Lemon and Blueberry Pancakes you can whip in 15 minutes! If you want to master the world of dessert and confections, make Shivesh's blog and YouTube channel your new bff. 


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