When we aren’t busy chasing deadlines or chomping down food, we’re often scrolling through Instagram, salivating over photographs of absolutely stunning looking dishes {#foodporn}. After all, our fair city has quite a few Instagrammers who focus on giving you snapshots of what’s on their plates, with everything from dishes at new restaurants to homemade bakes and culinary experiments. Here are some of our favourites from the lot.

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Stunning food photographs of everything from jalebis to fancy cocktails – that’s what you’ll find on Soham Shoney’s Instagram handle. Along with all-time favourites like filter coffee and Iyengar Bakery’s tea cake, the foodie and photographer also posts about new restaurants and lesser known spots in city.

#instagood: Always out and about, Soham often discovers hole-in-the-wall eateries. His Insta feed is also where you’ll probably get to hear first about new restaurants in the city.

#foodgasm: The Teriyaki Chicken Ramen Burger from Pot-O-Noodles

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Being a food stylist and photographer, Ambica Selvam’s Instagram handle is a fine combination of food and photography. Think a bunch of grapes on an old book, cherries on a chair and slices of black radish in a pan. You’ll also spot some of her culinary experiments, featuring locally available ingredients. Want some styling tips from the expert? Check out her handy guide here.

#instagood: Her striking photographs and creative styling and portraits of food

#foodgasm: The gooey Grilled Apple and Cheese Sandwich with a generous drizzle of Toffee Sauce.

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Previously a lawyer, Parvathy Rohith describes herself as “an amateur baker, a learning photographer and a die hard foodie”. Going by the name, spongy cupcakes and cakes are, of course, a major chunk of her posts. But that’s not all. You’ll also find fresh smoothies as well as dishes like Safed Maas {chicken cooked in a white gravy} and Matar Kachori to tempt you further.

#instagood: Her baked goodies, including cupcakes, cookies and cakes.

#foodgasm: The boozy Chocolate, Espresso and Whiskey Cake

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If healthy vegetarian food doesn’t sound all that appealing to you, Nandita Iyer’s {city-based nutritionist} handle might change your mind. Giving us a peek into her meals, her posts include plenty of wholesome salads and lunch spreads {in case you needed ideas for lunch}. She also experiments with locally available ingredients and traditional favourites to come up with dishes like Beetroot Sambhar and Pineapple Rasam.

#instagood: Her vegetarian recipes with local ingredients.

#foodgasm: The Roasted Pumpkin Soup

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You know we have different kinds of banana chips 🙂 #keralafood #gluttonytrip #bananachips

A photo posted by Saina Jayapal (@sainajayapal) on

We often find it difficult to go through Saina’s Instagram feed without feeling tempted ourselves. Take a look at some of the PR professional/food photographer’s posts featuring soft idiyappams {string hoppers}, warm beef pie and Bisi Bele Bath, and you’d know what we’re talking about. Her photos are all about food, whether it’s from new or iconic places in the city, or even from her trips to other cities. You’ll also find some from her shoots at restaurants in town.

#instagood: Her frequent posts featuring Kerala food.

#foodgasm: The Kerala meals

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Dentist-turned-food blogger, Neha Mathur focuses on using fresh and seasonal produce for her dishes. While you’ll find noodles and crepes making an appearance in her Insta feed, what we always look out for would be her Indian specials. Whether it’s the Mughlai Kesar Murgh or the Kesar Malai Peda, her desi treats will probably make you crave some ghar ka khana.

#insta: Her Indian dishes and the use of seasonal ingredients.

#foodgasm: Bafla, a staple from Madhya Pradesh, similar to Rajasthani baati

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Madhuri Aggarwal {accessory designer, artist, and food stylist and photographer} can make even store-bought peanuts look tempting enough to make you want to reach out for them. Don’t believe us? Take a peek at her Insta handle. While it also includes design-related ones, we love that her food posts feature an array of dishes, including local ones. Honey Semifreddo to Aralu Sandige {a deep-fried snack}, you’ll find them all here.

#instagood: Her food styling photographs

#foodgasm: The vibrant Beetroot and Rosemary ice cream

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15 years ago, I would never have guessed I was marrying a man who would one day turn out to be even more health conscious than me. What happened to the chubby lad who loved sweets and would never pass up dessert? He grew wiser, quit sugar, took to running and today he's 15 kg lighter. Nope, he isn't the man I married, but since it's taken me this long to whip him into shape, I think I'll keep him. 😀 His "special" anniversary breakfast this morning was a #refinedsugarfree layered pudding: Rice pudding with almonds & raisins, #chiapudding with #matcha (both made with coconut milk) garnished with fresh kiwi & cacao nibs. And 15 years later, he's still happily suffering my cooking. If that's not love, what is? 😊💚 . . . . #cupcakeree #vscofood #morningslikethese #healthy #healthyfoodshare #glutenfree #mycommontable #veganfoodshare #heresmyfood @food #whatveganseat #onthetable #thekitchn #f52grams #buzzfeedfood #thefeedfeed @thefeedfeed #eeeeeats #huffposttaste #beautifulcuisines #thechalkboardeats #yahoofood #barereaders #instagrammatics #foodtalkindia #cookit #foodwinewomen #thatsdarling #instayum

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Don’t let the name of Reethika Singh’s {city-based home baker} Insta handle lead you to think it’s all about sweet stuff. While she does whip up some sinful looking cupcakes and desserts, what sets her apart would be her focus on healthy cooking. Think dishes and smoothies with plenty of fruits, veggies and nutritious ingredients. Apart from adapting recipes, she even tries keeping it refined sugar-free and experiments with new ingredients. Reethika also does those breakfast smoothie bowls that are trending like crazy on Instagram these days.

#instagood: Adapting familiar recipes as well as her smoothies and smoothie bowls.

#foodgasm: Baked yoghurt with fresh fruit

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For food blogger, stylist and photographer, Farrukh Aziz, her blog, Cubes N Juliennes marked the start of her bond with cooking and food. Being someone who loves learning about different cultures and their cuisines, you’ll find a medley of dishes {all strikingly photographed, of course}. Think Methi Chicken Curry {images of her meaty treats are a favourite with us}, Whole Wheat Herbed Lavash and even Samosa Matar Chaat! Oh, and enough of sweet treats, too. We’d love some of the Spiced Blueberry Crumb Coffee Cake for ourselves.

#instagood: Her non-vegetarian treats

#foodgasm: Tandoori Chicken

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Just a cursory glance at Megha Deokule’s feed will tell you that she clearly doesn’t believe in skipping breakfast. Apart from quick fixes like wholewheat banana bread with strawberry smoothie, you’ll also find elaborate spreads for those weekend breakfasts. Sticking to organic food, her Insta handle also includes snapshots from her garden and some of her cat.

#instagood: Her healthier breakfast spreads

#foodgasm: Her Sunday breakfast spread which has poha, dosas and mango milkshake

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Feature Photo: lingeringaftertaste (L), cubesnjuliennes (R)

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