For A Coffeeast Bring Home Grinds From This High Grade Specialty Blend!

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What Makes It Awesome

As coffee drinkers we're faced with two options: regular or specialty. And it's a no-brainer that you must pick the latter, whether you love coffee or not. Reasons to make the switch despite it costing a few extra bucks are many. Speciality coffee tastes amazing, it's responsibly and thoughtfully sourced and most importantly, there's transparency. You know everything about the cuppa you're savouring. 

Doing all of the above is The Dark Roast Company that sources, roasts and retails AAA quality (the best) Arabica beans for its customers. Their coffee is a blend of beans from Karanatka, and presently they sell one variant, Medium Roast as whole beans or ground up. This variant makes for a delicious cup thanks to its cocoa, citrus and spice notes. It can be enjoyed multiple ways -- we recommend going the Vietnamese Iced Coffee route. To preserve freshness in every cup, The Dark Roast Company roasts their beans in small batches right before there is a big shipment order. Prices start at INR 375 for a 200gm pack, which we think is reasonable for the highest quality. 

The Dark Roast Company also sells coffee equipment like a Moka Pot and French Press. You can buy this separately or together with your coffee. They ship across India with a two-day dispatch and maximum 5-day delivery. Place orders on their Instamojo website or Instagram.


TDRC is soon to put out a range of cold brews and a signature Dark Roast variant. They also plan to stick to using only Arabica coffee beans to produce all their future blends.