Get Your Freak On With These Crazy, Monster Shakes Across Bangalore

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If you’re looking for some serious indulgence in the milkshake department, we’re highly recommending the monster shakes or freak shakes — the latest trend to hit town. While we’re still wondering if it should feature under the beverage menu seeing as it’s got all sorts of chunky goodness {brownies, chocolate, KitKat, cookies and more}, we’ll happily have it — by spoon or straw. Go on, shake it off.

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Brik Oven

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Bundar Cafe

Brik Oven

For once, skip the pizzas at this quaint place and opt for the Freak Shake. Since it is loaded with Oreos, chocolate sticks, fudge, Nutella, waffles, cream, ice cream and OD levels of chocolate sauce, you won’t really need a meal. Or the next few meals, for that matter. They also have a smaller version — The Little Freak, if you’re overwhelmed by the massive one that actually comes in a Nutella jar.

Bundar Cafe

We’re still getting over the freak shakes at this trendy place. While the drinks are priced at INR 500, don’t be alarmed. They are massive. Filled to the brim of the mugs with all things good, sweet and chocolate, including brownies, KitKats, whipped cream, fruit {counts as healthy, no?} in base flavours of chocolate, butterscotch and mixed fruit, good lucking finishing it.


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