Ten-Second Takeaway

Bangalore folks, get ready to welcome one of those extreme food trends to hit mankind. The monster shake with its calorie laden, statutory warning sugar levels and OTT goodness, all packed into a mason jar, has been introduced by Koramangala’s new restaurant, Ministry of Pizza.

Get Your Freak On

Freakshakes are monstrous milkshakes loaded with everything from cakes and doughnuts to pretzels and cookies. Ever since it made its first appearance at Patissez Cafe in Canberra {Australia} over a year ago, the ‘dessert drink’ has taken over social media with images of towering versions flooding Instagram and Facebook.

When Drink Meets Dessert

We picked the Peanut Butter and Jelly freakshake {they have two other options called Alice In Wonderland and Black And White too}. Served in a mason jar rimmed with peanut butter and chikki chunks, the ‘drink’ came topped with lashings of whipped cream, a sesame laddoo, peanut chikki, chocolate wafer stick and a thin, sesame-encrusted chocolate slab. The first question we had in mind was whether to eat it or drink it. We then decided to jump in headlong using a combination of spoon, hands and straw. Once we got past the heavy topping, the peanut butter-flavoured milkshake {we didn’t really detect any jelly/jam} was nothing exceptional, and we’d have liked it a little thicker. If you aren’t one with serious sweet tooth cravings, it might even be a challenge to finish it.

Are We Getting This Again?

Still recovering from the heady sugar rush and the slight nausea it gave us, we’d probably give this extreme shake a pass the next time around. We might however head here for their selection of pizzas and the lasagna. If you go and try a monster shake yourself, do tell us how it went, in Comments.

Feature Photo: totemspin