The city’s green spaces are home to more than picnicking families and adorable canines. Over the years, several intriguing clubs and activities have popped up in Cubbon Park, making it quite a destination for the culture vulture. Here are six of our favourites.

Poetry in the Park

Poems by everyone from Mary Oliver to Mahmoud Darwish and you – yes, you – are welcome at this monthly event celebrating poetry. All you do is show up with a poem that resonates with you in some way, read it aloud, and respond to others’ poems. Poems needn’t be in English. We may be still working up the nerve to read some original poetry here, but this sounds like a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

When: September 5, 3.45pm to 6pm

Contact: Call Lynessa Coutto, the organiser, at +91 9880176926

Find them on Facebook here .

Blueprint of a Park Imaginarium

The media and activism group Maraa seems to always be up to something interesting, whether it’s organising an evening of Bhojpuri music or an olfactory walk of the city’s dumping-grounds.

Scarecrows made by participants at a previous session.

Scarecrows made by participants at a previous session.

Image via Maraa.

This time they’re returning their attention to reimagining Cubbon Park as a truly public space, instead of one regulated and surveilled by the State. As a form of playful protest against the eviction of hawkers and many others, the group has invited the public to show up to the park on Sundays through August and participate in a variety of activities, from making symbolic scarecrows to creating new, imaginative blueprints of what a park could look like.

When: August 29 and 30, 11am to 4pm.

Contact: +91 9880755875, +91 9880159484

RSVP on their Facebook page here.

Vegan Bangalore Potlucks

You don’t have to be a true-blue vegan to attend this monthly potluck; mere curiosity will do. What the group does require, though, is that you bring something vegan to share – it is a potluck, after all {their blog has plenty of resources for vegan recipes}. The organisers also advise, among other guidelines, that you bring your own utensils to eat out of, and avoid plastic bags.

When: August 29, 2pm to 5pm.

Where: Here’s a map by the organisers that shows the exact meeting-point.

Contact: Email, especially if it is your first time attending. You can also RSVP on their Facebook page here.

Shakespeare in Bangalore

A performance in Cubbon Park.

A performance in Cubbon Park.

Image via zehawk/Flickr; CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

This is a group of Shakespeare-lovers who occasionally perform adaptations of the Bard’s plays in Cubbon Park, and act as a hub for all Shakespeare-related activity in the city.

Follow the group’s here for updates on performances.

Raccoon Circles at Educators Collective

A Raccoon Circle is a series of community-building activities, and this month, Educators Collective, the local group of “experiential educators”, is organising a circle in our own city. Educators Collective brings together everyone interested in alternative approaches to education. The meeting will cover activities, ideas, suggestions, and stories for teachers and trainers who want to build a sense of community within any group.

When: The group meets monthly. The next event is on September 26, 3pm to 6pm. Visit the event page online here.

Contact: Email to confirm your seat {attendance is free, but limited}.

Find the Educators Collective Facebook page here.

Check their website here.

Yoga Mat-ters

This community of nearly 2,000 people meets monthly at Cubbon Park to stretch out in the great outdoors. They’re eager to further yoga in Bangalore’s community and public spaces, and to take the practice into the open. Each meeting has a different theme – from stress-relief yoga to an upcoming session on natya yoga. All you have to do is show up. Organisers recommend that you bring a yoga mat {unless you prefer the grassy ground}, any props {cushions, blocks} you might need, water, snacks, a towel, and a change of clothes.

Yoga in the park.

Image via Yoga Mat-ters.

When: The group meets monthly; the next event is on September 6, 8am to 9.30am. Visit the event page online here.

Contact:,, or

Find them on Facebook here.