Single, double or triple fried, there’s nothing like some good old chips. Or French Fries. But call it what you will {remember the whole Belgian Fries episode because it was originally from that little country}, Bangalore takes pride in its fries. Dunked in gravy, chilli beef or cheese, here’s our pick of places where the ubiquitous side order gets an upgrade.

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 The Only Place

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Arbor Brewing Company

Mother Cluckers

Photo source: Mother Cluckers Bar

Photo source: Mother Cluckers Bar

Two words for you: Dirty Fries. And as most things dirty, they’re also dreamy. Imagine a bowl of sinfully fried, slender, potato batons drizzled with chilli flakes and herbs like oregano. And then melted cheese all over it. We’re in heaven. See you soon.

Hard Rock Café

Oh how we love ourselves a dose of rock music, chilled beer and a good ol’ platter of Red Hot Chilli Fries. Well known for American-style portions and flavours, you can expect it to be sinfully fried. Cajun spice sprinkled on it makes it different and jazzy, especially since this is one of the few places where you can actually taste the Cayenne peppers.

Plan B

For fries go to plan b

Source: Plan B

Much like their sister concern Mother Cluckers, order the Dirty Fries. For a hint of change though, Peri Peri Fries is the way to go.

The Only Place


One of the first restaurants with practically flawless fries, we’d recommend The Only Place without batting an eyelid. While the steaks and most mains come with a side of fries, order the Cheesy Fries for starters. Gooey melted cheese will drown the potatos, and if you sprinkle some oregano and chilli flakes on it, you’ll find the stairway to fries heaven.

Café Thulp

for fries try cafe thulp

Source: Cafe Thulp

Regular, Chilli, Chilli Garlic or with Cheesy Bacon & Smoked Chilli Gravy, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to fries at this place. We love the Chilli Garlic one as it’s simple but also tangy – a great kick really. For indulgence however, blindly pick the bacon and gravy one.

Arbor Brewing Company

for fries try arbor brewing company

Source: Arbor Brewing Company

From the usual French Fries to the ones doused in some sinfully melted cheese, topped with bits of bacon {makes it all better, no?}, chilli beef, dollops of sour cream and Cajun spice, they outdo most other fries. Try the Twisted Poutine for a change. A quirky take on the Canadian original, this one uses Lyonnaise potatoes with beef gravy and cheese curd – simply divine. Or have the Sweet Potato Fries — our favourite in town. In fact, let us know if you get this anywhere else at all!

Smoke House Deli

for fries try smoke house deli

Source: Smoke House Deli

Thank goodness for Siders at SHD. We could probably eat only those and make a meal of it. Be it the regular, French Fries – just crisp and salted, or the Sweet Paprika Fries with just that added hint of paprika sprinkled on it, they’re really awesome. No, really, trust us.


for fries try bootlegger on lavelle road

Source: Bootlegger

Granted that when you’re here, your focus is likely to be on the Scotch Eggs, Bacon Wrapped Sausages and Golden Fried Prawns, but the fries need some attention too. You might need to coax your service-in-charge for a portion of it as it’s usually a side, and not an appetiser. But off the menu, try the Chilli Potato – a less fried but delightful sweet-spicy version of French Fries.


Unlikely to be your first thought here, we however have made it a habit of ordering fries at Hangover. Chilli Fries comes crisp and flavourful — so don’t think that it’s just chilli. Sprinkled with what we think is a bit of garam masala. They’re served in a basket, but order plenty for the table and they swiftly disappear!


Photo source: Brewsky

Photo source: Brewsky

Simple, solid and very openly Belgian, these ones go old-school. Crisp and double fried, they arrive at your table with a variety of sauces. Ask for the wasabi mayo and spiced ketchup for the best results. Great with the beers, they are really a match made in heaven.

Truffles – Ice & Spice

We can eat their regular fries {fried to death as they may be} but eyes on the prize, love. The prize being Cheesy Mex Fries which come loaded with Mexican beans, melted cheese and a fiery salsa. Forget counting calories, it’s no point.

The Permit Room

So maybe they don’t do the traditional potato ones, but when it’s Cheesy Tapioca Fries, surely rules can be bent. Served with a delightful chunky and tangy mango pickles, we can eat this all night long.

Le Casse Croute

friench fries at le casse croute

Photo by: Le Casse Croûte

We’re not commenting on the origins of the other fries, but these guys go the whole hog and really cook with French love. Staying clear of frozen ones, they hand cut the chips, double fry then and serve them with homemade sauces {we love the mustard but the ketchup, mayonnaise and aïoli are all tied at second} to die for.

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