Strawberries, Peaches, Roseapples, And Persimmons - Get Them All At This Exotic Fruit Shop

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What Makes It Awesome

With the closing (and moving right opposite) of the Nilgiri’s on Brigade Road and eventual demolition of the building, the exotic fruit shop moved into the 5th Avenue Building. Don’t let the shadiness of the building fool you, because the fruit shop called Fresh Fruits has everything from furry rambutans and mangosteen to seedless watermelon and pineapples. Most of their stock is imported from around the world, so expect relatively steep prices (but INR 1,400 odd for fresh Spanish Strawberries is worth it, we promise), for great quality. Of course the stock changes with the season, but expect different fruits every week. On the left, you’ll see all their imports, and the right, high quality fruit from across the country, nuts (including Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, and Pecan nuts among others), and chocolates. 

Exotic fruits available include foreign variants of fruit you know and love (orange, tangerine, and all its relatives), apples (Washington Red, Granny Smith, Fuji), grapes and the like. Also be prepared to see fruits you’ve never heard of (we saw kiwi berries, persimmons, three different types of dates, and many variants of stone fruits). Bakers and dessert fans, they usually have fresh berries - raspberries, redcurrants, blackberries, and the like. They have the dehydrated ones too if that’s what you prefer. Also find maple syrup, preserves, jams, and non-dairy milk, all imported, and slightly more reasonable than what you get in grocery store chains. 


If you want to create a gift basket, they also undertake orders for the same depending on your budget. The owner Mr. Azam Shariff and Manager Mr. Junaid will be more than happy to help you out and even let you sample some of the fruit before you make your decision. 


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