Get Ready To Cook And Eat Fresh Pasta From This Artisanal Pasta Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

If carbs in the form of pasta make you ridiculously happy then we’ve got news for you! The Artisanal Pasta Company will satisfy your deepest starchiest desires, one type of pasta at a time. Promising the freshest artisanal pasta, your love for it will only increase as you get to make it yourself (mostly). Their best seller? Ravioli. If pillowy, melt-in-the-mouth, cheesy goodness is what you’re looking for, then TAPCo will have you delighted. 

Started because we don’t really get fresh pasta anywhere (apart from fully cooked options from restaurants), place an order for your desired pasta (they occasionally have spaghetti too). We fully recommend the spinach and cheese option, because who can say no to a classic. To place an order, DM them on Instagram, and Harshit Garg, the man behind the brand will very helpfully guide you through the options available at the moment, what sauce to pair it with, and answer any other questions you might have. With a rather flexible menu, the options change periodically.

Sauces are available too. From classics like tomato basil and pesto, to aglio olio and creamy bechamel are available. They even have a divine vegan cashew pesto (Harshit’s own recipe) that tastes exactly like it’s vegetarian counterpart despite the lack of pine-nuts. Accepting only the first 30 orders of the day (so you get the freshest!), cook and consume what your order immediately. The fresh pasta options can be picked up, or delivered home for an extra fee. 


Feel free to order the crostini, combos, and let them know of dietary restrictions if any, and they’ll be happy to accommodate. Do note, that at the moment they only have vegetarian options available. 


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