From Freshly Churned Ice Creams To Pizzas, Here’s Why Huber & Holly Is Our Fav!

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What Makes It Awesome

If you haven’t been to your nearest dessert heaven, Huber & Holly (H&H) Store, then, my friend, you are missing out big time! Located in the Novel MSR Park, the cosy H&H store will satisfy all your cravings from ice creams and cakes to savoury munchies like pizzas and nachos too.

What makes H&H a dessert wonderland? Well first, you’ve got to try their freshly churned ice creams, which are so light and fluffy, we’re sure there’s room for it no matter how full you feel after a meal. With unique flavours such as Orange Macadamia, Baklava, Charcoal Lychee, Pistachio, and many more you'll be spoilt for choice. With over 30 toppings, you can keep experimenting to find your favourite combination! Imagine an ice cream date as you share a crunchy waffle cone and try to choose your favourite flavour from the Huber & Holly menu. Super cute, right?

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, we get your dilemma when choosing between ice cream or cake during dessert time. Well, worry not, because H&H has a range of creamy and fresh ice cream cakes that give you the best of both worlds. We definitely recommend you to try their Berry Cheesecake which has layers of ginger shortbread, mixed berry cheesecake, vanilla ice cream and is topped with fresh blackberries, raspberries and blueberries making it very indulgent

But, all of that is one side, and on the other side is the absolute showstopper, The Mighty Midas.  A gourmet ice cream flavour made with 17 different elements such as macarons, dark chocolate brownies, truffle oil and the Midas touch of 24-karat edible gold leaves! Served with a chocolatey cone, this luxury ice cream is the perfect choice for celebrating milestones with your loved ones making someone feel like a million bucks with actual gold in their dessert.

To make it super inclusive, Huber & Holly also takes care of all your savoury cravings too (if you’re a monster that doesn’t have a sweet tooth!). So munch on some nachos or order their cheesy pizzas to have a complete meal.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to H&H Novel MSR Park now!


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