From Chicken Kheema Kulchas To Prawn Kulcha , This Place Has It All!

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Kulcha Stories: A newly opened place in Koramangala serving some amazing varieties of kulcha. I love the ambiance of the place. It’s spacious. The staff were really friendly and nice , and the service was super fast.
The spices they use are all brought in from Amritsar so the kulchas are really authentic.
For a person who absolutely loves Punjabi food , I finished the kulcha in 10 minutes. Loved the taste, the chole that was given along with it was cooked really well.
I would definitely recommend the chicken kheema kulcha and everybody’s favourite aloo kulcha.
The taste is definitely too good , enough to fill you up and make you really happy.
If you’re craving for some yummy kulcha stuffed with your favourite fillings, and topped with butter. This is the place to be.

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