Ace The New Normal With These Uber Stylish Face Masks!

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What Makes It Awesome?

From mundane protective gears to funky designer wears, masks have quickly evolved to stylish accessories, check these top brands to make your fashion statement..

COVID 19 has most certainly changed the way we live, from sinking businesses to giving a boost to the environment, to bringing in new concepts of lifestyle and living. The most prominent one being the face masks, mandated by most governments across the world, masks have been vouched for its ability to stop the spread of the virus. They too have evolved, from mundane protective gears to funky, upcycled and designer wear. Taking advantage of the fact that the masks have become an integral part of our new normal, designers across are experimenting with the masks, ranging from block patterns to floral designs, and even company logos, making them a fashion statement. Like clothes, masks have become a way of self-expression. Here, are some of the brand's from which you can order your mask, to stay in vogue, be it a client meeting or a family get together.

The Ink Bucket Face Masks

The stationary and lifestyle brand founded by artist Vidhi Kandhelwal that's known for its creative floral designs has now expanded to making non-surgical masks. The masks are refreshing, with hand-painted illustrations of foliage and floral patterns, that are made of pure cotton and come in two variations. The masks come in packs or as a single piece and are easy to wash and reuse. So, if you're a nature lover, this is the brand for you.

Face Masks By Fabindia

Being one of our best known sustainable brands in India, whose products are all made hand made by artisans across the country, it's only natural that they give us the best quality masks from handmade fabrics with beautiful prints. They have both pleated and plain non-surgical masks, the pleated one's come with an added extra pocket to insert more filters if required. What's more convenient is that they come in two sizes, for kids and adults.

Shop for Protective Face Masks online | India Circus

A contemporary Indian design brand by Krsna Mehta. The masks are a blast of colours, patterns and motifs that range from birds to blooming dahlias to interesting tile patterns with a district array of moods and tones. The masks are a triple-layer cotton blend, that is reusable and are unisex.
Masaba Face Masks

Masaba Face Masks

Masaba Gupta's diffusion Label needs no introduction. After making our mark in high-end resort wear and wedding wear, their signature colourful aesthetics and motifs have now found their way into masks. The ivory patterns, abstract faces and animal prints are a pop of colour and elegance. The double-layered masks are made of crepe and cotton and are unisex.

Sterilised Cotton Reusable Masks

Thoughtfully crafted with functional details and luxury fabric, these sustainable upcycled masks are exclusively for professional women who want to look effortlessly stylish during their business meetings.

Louis Philippe Mask - Buy online mask for adults | Louis Philippe

Finally, something exclusive for the men. The premium Indian brand for men's apparel is making, sleek, stylish and professional masks. The three-layered ultra-comfortable masks come in signature checkered casual and formal patterns, print patterns with the stylish logo embedded on the masks. They also come in an origami mask that's inspired by a minimal folding technique. Their masks will give you a sartorial edge in meetings.

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