Get Transported To Singapore With The Awesome Pan Asian Cuisines Here!

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According to them "Nasi and Mee translates to ‘rice and noodles’ in Bahasa, with ‘mee’ coming from the Cantonese word for noodles - mien."

They currently own 4 outlets in Bengaluru and serves typical pan Asian cuisine. Their menu has been derived from street foods of Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore, tried and tested before presenting it to their customers.

We visited the RMZ Eco world outlet and it was absolutely peaceful and calm. The interiors have tropical birds graffiti and the outdoor is near a small poolside with water fountains.

We kicked off by having Honey chilli Lotus Stem (must try) and sipping on Lychee & Lime Spritzer and N&M Ice Blended Milo.

Then came the Dim Sums- Shiitake Mushroom with water chestnut and Broccoli with Cashews. The outer layer was soft for both the Dim sums; shiitake Mushrooms were tender and water chestnut add a Crunchy twist to it.

The main course was absolutely surprised for us. The two dishes which they served- Veg Ma La Sesame Noodles and Veg Nasi Goreng was an adventure of taste for us. We were trying both the dishes for the 1st time and it was totally worth it.

Veg Ma La Sesame Noodles is Braised Tofu with sesame & Szechuan fried chili sauce, topped with boiled bak Choy and fresh slices of cucumber over a bed of steamed noodles.

Nasi Goreng, a Malaysian sweet and tangy fried rice accompanied with grilled Chili Babycorn, Pineapple & Carrot pickle and Korepoek.

Kerupuk or Korepoek is an Indonesian deep-fried cracker made from starch and other ingredients that serve as a flavouring. The result of this combination was an explosion of flavours in the mouth. We would personally recommend this dish to anyone

Lastly for dessert, Fried Ice-cream & Chocolate Banana spring rolls. Well, that was not something which can be penned down. The sweetness of chocolate was apt, the outer peel was crisp and bananas were sweet; what else would you ask in a dessert

This was our experience; Your experience may be a better version of ours & we hope the same for you. Enlighten us about your visit and share your Gyan with us.


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