Roller Coasters To Water Slides: This Amusement Park, Right In Bangalore, Is Perfect For That Adrenaline Rush

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What Makes It Awesome

One of Bangalore’s oldest entertainment parks, Fun World located in Palace Grounds, still manages to capture the crowd’s attention with its adrenaline-pumping rides, water-themed rides, and family-friendly vibes. When you are looking for a day outing that involves too much fun and zero planning, Fun World is perfect for you. The park is divided into four sections — Fun World, Water World, Wow World, and Snow City. If you’re not up for high-thrill rides, you can enjoy scoring strikes at the bowling alley, playing games at the arcade instead or just play in the snow. 

It’s the rides like The Loop Roller Coaster, Tsunami, Double Arm Boomerang, and Crazy Fireball that you need to try out (not for the faint-hearted though). If you’re up for hurtling down rails at 160 kilometers per hour, the roller coaster will literally turn your world upside down on a 360-degree loop. Crazy Fireball takes it further by swinging and looping you all through the ride, and you can be assured that your adrenaline will peak and you’ll be left breathless.

The water rides, though tamer, are also thrilling and fun. The Fantastic Four will see you sliding down with three other friends. There’s also the Devil’s Drop, which is just as the name suggests — a steep, vertical slide down to the pool. You can carry your own food (no alcohol allowed) inside and make a picnic out of your day here. Prices differ and start at INR 700 per person for Fun World, INR 750 per person for Water World, and INR 900 for both Fun World and Water World. Bowling prices start at INR 120 and arcade games at INR 30 upwards. The park is open from 11 AM to 7:30 PM on all days. 

What Could Be Better

Some of the rides are a bit run down, so check before you ride. 


If the adrenaline rush isn’t your thing, there’s the wave pool, Lazy River and Fountain Dance to hit up. We try and stay away from these rides when it’s crowded because the water looks a bit dirty. If it’s clean and not full of people, completely clothed, then go for it. 


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