Ten-Second Takeaway

Funky Monkeys Play Center is loaded with tunnels, slides and climbing bars, meant for kids. But luckily, for kids at heart, if you have a toddler at hand, you can enter too!

Child’s Play

It takes plenty of restrain to not just dive into the ball pen, or shoot down winding tunnel slides into the ball pool. But I did my best and watched my niece have the time of her life here. Hardly had we entered, than Miss Smarty Pants demand her socks {you have to bring your own, you see} and toddled off into the rather enchanting play house. It’s completely soft so if the little ones tumble, enforce the ‘Keep Calm And Carry On’ policy. It’s no harm done.

Giant soft blocks, foam rockers, bouncy balls and even a massive drum that the under-threes can roll about in, beckon. This works not only as a form of exercise {which kids of the city do need, apparently} but it’s great for learning and interacting. Oh! What I’d give to be allowed to sit on the cutesy pony carousel.  Alas, many decades too old for it!

Toddlers Den


For the slightly older monkeys {not you adults, I mean three to ten-year-olds} the multi-tier jungle gym will likely keep them occupied for hours! The adventure zone has slides of all kinds. Think tubes, tunnels, ones you crawl up, those you can ‘moonwalk’ climb, oof… it’s a mini amusement park. To help kids hone their motor skills, there’s even balance bridges, horizontal rollers and hanging bridges. There’s also a cargo net and punching balls for young daredevils, in addition to a web crawl for aspiring the aspiring Spider-Man/Girl.

For some group fun and competition, take your juniors to the Fun Battle Zone where they can have a kiddy version of Painballing with soft balls and shooters. And thanks to the cafe {serving up sandwiches, pizzas, pasta and a few non-alcoholic beverages} it’s the ideal spot for a party too! But now, for the best part. They have these awesome multi-lane slides, and wait for it… adults are allowed on it too! OK, you’re only allowed if you have a child accompanying you, but one can borrow temporarily, right?


While the in-house staff is very careful, do keep a close watch on your kids. Since there’s so many children to look after, they may divert attention from time to time. Also good luck getting them out of the play area!

Photos: Funky Monkeys