Ten-Second Takeaway

Located at the heart of the city, Central Street and the surrounding alleys are filled with shops that sell and, even, rent furniture of all sorts. Plus, you can shop for mattresses, light fittings and wall art.

Furniture Central

A short walk from the Shivajinagar Bus Depot, Central Street has long been dedicated to furniture. Over here, you’ll see customers, new and old Bangaloreans, come by to pick up pieces for their homes. At most of the shops, you’ll find a mix of old and contemporary furniture. However, consider yourself warned, Central Street is not the place to go hunting for antique pieces carved with intricate designs or even stellar-looking 21st century designer pieces {the kind you see on Pinterest or fancy magazines}. This is purely for people who prefer functionality over  breathtaking design and are on a budget. It’s also on not a place to for high-quality wood {you are on a budget, remember}. At Central Street, plywood rules.

So, what can you get? There are steel almirahs, if you like things old school. You’ll find sofa sets in faux leather, wood, cane and iron. Tables {dining, coffee or study} with plywood or glass tops. For your home, you can pick up everything from newspaper racks to bedside tables, pooja cabinets, cupboards, beds {king and queen size} and sideboards. Office furniture {steel and wood desks, computer tables and chairs} are also easily available.

Renting furniture is an option too. If you aren’t planning to stay in the city permanently or you don’t want to make a long-term investment just yet, you can drop by stores like Shacoor Brothers, Saleh Ahmed and Rahul Furnishing Centre to take home pieces on rent or lease.

Extra Fittings

Apart from furniture, a few shops also sell mattresses from well-established brands to locally made bedding. Shops, at the Infantry Road junction {going towards Indian Express} also have on display lamps, lighting fixtures and chandeliers. If you’d like to frame art work or buy a few pieces made by {yet} unknown,local artists {Buddhas, sceneries, horses, deities – they have a wide selection}, Central Street has a couple of shops that specialise in framework too.

#LBBTip: Doing up your kid’s bedroom or study space? Browse through the shops for bunk beds, plastic booster seats in happy colours, and study chairs and tables with cartoons on them. Also, bargain hard. 

Where: Central Street , Shivajinagar

Price: INR 1,000 upwards

When: 11am-8pm

Featured image via Just Dial – Laxmi Furniture