Creepers, Climbers & Crawlers: Supportive Green Deco For Them All By This Brand

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Garden Deco

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What Makes It Awesome

Garden Deco is your one stop shop for all things plants, gardening, green decor and everything in between, short of the plants! Whether you’ve got a huge backyard garden, a quaint kitchen garden, or a smaller space you want to add some green to, Garden Deco has an option for you. 

So you fell in love with a climber and bought yourself a sapling and realised that it has nowhere to...climb? Well these guys provide coir poles, wooden poles, and metal trellises for the more delicate ones.  Now if it’s a window you want to dress and make pretty, they have wall troughs that you can hang on your grill, or balcony. Better still, get yourself hanging pots, hooks, and hanging brackets to hang your pots in the balcony. Most of these come with planters or pots, and are also decorative in case you were worried about the aesthetics. In a nutshell, any stands for plants you’re looking to buy online, you’ll get it here. 

If it’s the planting that you’re worried about, don’t be. They have a whole range of coir options for your plants. Things like cocopeat, mulch mats, coco husk chips (for increasing porosity of your soil and keeping the moisture levels high longer), and coir pots too. To make enquiries on what is available, click on enquire now.


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