From The Window, To The Walls, They'll Make Gardens On Your Walls, This Cool Green Decor Brand!

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Garden Walls provides you with vertical garden landscaping (wallscaping) services that makes your walls into sustainable gardens and then some!

What Makes It Awesome

In the day and age of small living (and work spaces), an extra boost of O2 can be hard to incorporate considering space and maintenance. Garden Walls in Padmnabhanagar, an exclusive green wall designer will find a way to install gardens on nearly any vertical surface you’re willing to have as your ‘living wall’. Unlike regular vertical gardens, these guys have developed a green living walls system made entirely from recycled plastic (made into felt, into which the roots grow) that's used to support plant growth. Wallscaping with plastic, Imagine that!

Apart from the sustainability angle, the green walls come in four designs for whatever surface you have -- vertical or horizontal. They either cover wall fully (enough to make you feel like you're in a lush rain forest) or partially with a mixture of vegetation that apart from filtering air also do a great job at soundproofing the room. You can also rearrange the planters within the frame to create whatever arrangement you like. You also have designs that add decorative touch to railings, porches, grills, and window sills with decorative and flowering plants. 


They have many inflatable models that you can use as cushions, set afloat in a water body when single flowers get boring, or just a “conversation piece”. Think quirky vases, a kitchen garden or even a small sized vegetable or fruit plant for easy pluck-and-pop-in-your-mouth convenience. Customisations and post installation assistance is provided as well. 


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